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Learn More About Shasta County, CA


Redding is the seat of Shasta County which is home to Shasta Lake, Sundial Bridge, and Lassen Peak. Today, 164,000 California residents live in Shasta County and enjoy the grassland and forest regions that spawn innumerous white-bar pine, California Black Oak, and California Buckeye trees.
A handful of Shasta County’s residents are lawyers who are well acquainted with local courts. Lawyers in Shasta County advise on an assorted array of cases including child custody, personal injury, wrongful termination, tort, and bankruptcy cases.
Recently in Shasta County, Redding’s popular nightclub Bert and Ernie’s and local resident Jesse Randy Bryant have been named in a lawsuit filed by Joshua Gorman. Bryant is serving a 6 year term for assault with a deadly weapon after Bert and Ernie’s allegedly over-served the underage boy who later beat Gorman with a bat. Gorman now has a metal plate in his scull and seeks damages from the nightclub and his attacker amounting to no less than $25,000 in damages.
If you’re looking to file a lawsuit in Shasta County, you’re most likely to visit the Shasta County Superior Court. The Shasta County Superior Court is responsible for providing an impartial resolution to civil and criminal cases that arise in Shasta County. Some case examples include domestic relations cases such as divorce and child custody as well as civil lawsuit and DUI cases.
For the most conclusive answers to your legal questions, you should consult a Shasta County lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch’s pairing services are free of charge and all their lawyers are guaranteed to be bar certified. LegalMatch also supplies you with a number of other legal resources like forums, newsletters, legal blog, tips on selecting a lawyer, and the LegalMatch Law Library
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