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The “Salad Bowl of the World,” Salinas is known for its mild climate, agricultural prominence, and as the birthplace of the novelist John Steinbeck. Salinas currently creates over 80% of the lettuce consumed in the United States, and also produces a wide array of other crops in its lush valleys. Although its name means “salty marsh” in Spanish, this rich agricultural production belies a far more prodigious foundation.
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Salinas lawyers can assist you in criminal law, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, and a variety of other legal issues. Although Salinas farms have generally been nothing but good luck for Salinas, recent lawsuits allege that tainted green-onions from Salinas were responsible for hepatitis outbreaks across the country.
Salinas attorneys are currently litigating this case and others like it in Salinas courts. As the county seat of Monterey County, Salinas is the home of the Monterey Superior Court. In California, every county’s Superior Court has its own rules, and Salinas lawyers will be familiar with their local court procedures as well as Salinas court staff, judges, and other Salinas legal professionals.
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