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Fairfield’s history mirrors that of many other cities in California’s Bay Area. Mexico’s defeat in the Mexican-American War ceded all of its territories in modern-day California to America. What would become Fairfield was originally obtained by the entrepreneur Robert Waterman in 1848. He sold significant portions of his estate to the local county government, a move calculated to make Fairfield become the county seat.

Fairfield CA Lawyers

Today, Fairfield sits equidistant to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland. It is home to Travis Air Force Base and lies on the well-traveled Highway 80. Its proximity to popular tourist destinations such as Napa valley and San Francisco makes it an important part of California’s modern-day Bay Area.

Fairfield is the county seat of Solano County, and the home of the Solano County Superior Court. Fairfield lawyers in Solano County work in criminal law, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy filing, family law, and many more. Fairfield attorneys recently secured a settlement in a local employment dispute. A Fairfield woman felt she was wrongly dismissed from her job interview due to her ethnicity. She sued, and the parties settled the matter out of court.

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