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Learn More About The Colony, TX

Probably best known as the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sports Town of the United States, The Colony is home to 40,000 Denton County Texans and the 5 Star Athletic Complex. The Colony is also home to the Pizza Inn corporate headquarters and Edward Don Distribution Center. Utah Jazz point guard and Olympic gold medalist Deron Williams is from The Colony and played for The Colony High School.

The Colony is home some very knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with taking a wide range of cases to local courts. Lawyers in The Colony normally advise clients on bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa and citizenship, criminal cases like DUI and felony hearings as well as civil cases.

Recently in The Colony, ex-development services director Donna Bateman filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the City of The Colony. Bateman accuses The Colony city director of firing her after she reported he had revealed the details of a sexual harassment investigation to numerous employees, a federal violation, and reported his conduct to the department of directors. She is seeking lost wages, benefits, reinstatement to her former position, fringe benefits, seniority rights, as well as damages and trial fees.

If you have been wrongfully terminated or injured by the actions of others you will likely be filing your lawsuit in the Denton County Court. Texas State County Courts are responsible for ruling on civil, tort, contract, criminal, and traffic cases among others. The District Court retains sole jurisdiction over administrative agency appeals as well as felony criminal cases but also handles civil, domestic relations, and probate cases. Immigration issues like visa, citizenship, and deportation cases are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration Court in Dallas, Texas.

With any case it’s important to consult a pre-certified lawyer who is familiar with local court procedures; the best way to find a reputable lawyer in The Colony is through LegalMatch. LegalMatch is home to America’s #1 client-lawyer matching service that has been matching folks like you with reputable lawyers for over a decade. There is a law library on nearly every legal issue if you want to learn more about your specific legal issue. You may also be interested in reading our tips on selecting the best lawyer.

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