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Learn More About Harker Heights, TX

Named after one of its founding residents, Harker Heights is a small community near Fort Hood, one of the largest military bases in the country.

Harker Height’s lawyers can assist you in criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, and many others.

Attorneys in Harker Heights are considering a lawsuit against a neighboring town in a dispute concerning jurisdiction. Benton, TX recently conducted a count of its citizens and tried to extend its jurisdiction into an area conflicting with Harker Heights. Harker Heights has disputed the count and the increase in jurisdiction, which could affect state funding of the two communities.

Harker Heights lawyers will be familiar with the City of Harker Heights Municipal Court, Bell County Courts at Law, and the various District Courts located within Bell County and around Harker Heights. Different courts in Texas have different rules and procedures, and you will want an attorney familiar with these courts if you have a case in Harker Heights.

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