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Learn More About Comfort, TX

Comfort was founded primarily by German freethinkers whose 100 original buildings still stand today, dating back to the 1800s. Comfort’s expansive acreage is host to the Hermann Sons Youth Camp as well as His Hill Bible School & Camp.

Comfort also has many reputable lawyers who are familiar with the Kendall County courts. Lawyers in Comfort take cases like child support, contract disputes, wrongful terminations, intellectual property matters, and real estate transactions, but are able to consult you on any legal issue that you may face.

Recently, employees of Formosa Plastics Corporation who live in Comfort filed lawsuits against the company for failing to comply to appropriate safety precautions. This allegedly led to a blast and 5 day long fire which injured sixteen employees. The Olefins II unit of the Formosa Drive Plant in Point Comfort erupted into flames when a forklift reportedly punctured a pipe setting. Formosa has already paid $300,000 to OSHA for 43 safety and health violations. Victims are seeking attorney fees, compensation for missed work, as well as pain and suffering.

If you’re planning on filing a lawsuit in Comfort with an amount less than $5,000, you are likely to be visiting the Kendall County Precinct Four Justice Court in Comfort. The justice court also hears parking and traffic infractions. However, if you’re looking to file for divorce you will have to visit the 216th Judicial District Court in Kerrville.

For any case it is important to hire a bar certified LegalMatch lawyer who knows Comfort court procedures. LegalMatch also offers an online LegalCenter which has legal resources like forums that are helpful for learning more about your specific legal issue.

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