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Learn More About McAllen, TX

Located on the southern tip of Texas, the city of McAllen is the largest in Hidalgo County. Even with much of the county gripped in a financial crisis, McAllen has remained largely untouched and the economy there continues to grow. The city is home to the South Texas College, and is also on the migratory path of many birds and butterflies.

If you have legal problems in McAllen, you should consider speaking to one of the talented McAllen lawyers in the area. These attorneys can provide you with advice and representation in many areas of law including divorce, business, immigration, contracts, personal injury, employment, DUI, criminal defense, and more.

An interesting case is being heard in federal court in McAllen. The parents of a 15 year old girl are suing a Texas Justice of the Peace for allegedly “turning his courtroom into the Jerry Springer Show.” The justice of the peace offers parents of minor offenders a choice in his courtroom – they can either pay a fine or paddle their children in open court using one of two wooden paddles that the justice keeps displayed in court. In the present case, the step father of the 15 year old girl who skipped school one day was offered the choice of paying a $500 fine or paddling his step daughter. The federal judge in McAllen has issued a preliminary injunction against the justice so that he cannot order any minors to be paddled until a full trial can be held.

Depending upon the type of case you have in McAllen, and the parties involved, you will most likely report to either the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Texas, or in one of Hidalgo County’s District Courts. A local attorney can make sure your case is in the correct court.

If you have been struggling to find a great McAllen lawyer to represent you in your legal action, you should strongly consider visiting LegalMatch. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and easily match your case to attorneys in your area that have the skills and experienced needed to resolve your situation. Most importantly, when you use LegalMatch, all of your information is kept strictly confidential.

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