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Learn More About Travis County, TX

Since 1990, Travis County has almost doubled in population. The home of Austin, TX, Travis is one of many Texas Counties that has seen phenomenal growth in the last twenty years.
Travis County lawyers can help you with personal injury litigation, criminal defense, wills and trusts, family law, and any other issues you may be facing. A recent case in Travis County District Court awarded Texas $4 million in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Merck. The company allegedly downplayed risks of heart attack from its drug Vioxx, and is now paying almost $60 million in damages to numerous states.
Attorneys in Travis County will be familiar with the Travis County court system, which is divided into civil and criminal divisions. Travis County lawyers will be familiar with the various rules and procedures of these courts, as well as local court staff, judges, and other attorneys.
If you have a case in Travis County, can help you find the right attorney for you. Our free service will match you to local attorneys who specialize in your type of case, while also providing you valuable background information such as client comments and case history.
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