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Learn More About San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a bona fide tourist destination, famous for a romantic river walk, the Alamo, and several exciting theme parks. San Antonio’s economy features healthcare, defense industries, financial services, and tourism.  San Antonio was the home of the former Kelly Air Force Base.

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S.  This surprising statistic comes from Texas’s zoning laws, which allows growing cities to continually annex surrounding unincorporated areas instead of relegating surrounding areas to separate cities.  As the population has grown, lawyers have inundated San Antonio, working with clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 1000 companies.  The San Antonio Bar Association has over 3,000 attorney members.

In such a large city, how can a person in need of legal help find a pre-screened bar certiied lawyer interested in her case? is a free matching service, connecting you with the perfect San Antonio lawyer for your case.  Just input the details of your case, and you’ll be matched with pre-screened San Antonio attorneys ready to assist.

San Antonio lawyers deal with every possible kind of legal situation, in areas such as bankruptcy law, divorce law, criminal law, personal injury law, medical malpractice law, and real estate law.  In a recent lawsuit, movie star Tommy Lee Jones claims that Paramount Pictures and Miramax Films breached their contract by underpaying him $10 million for the movie “No Country for Old Men,” a movie filmed in the San Antonio area.  The movie garnered 4 Academy awards and earned over $160 million.

Competent San Antonio lawyers will be familiar with the rules and procedures of the Bexar County District Court, divided into 24 courts throughout the county.  There are 13 civil courts, 9 criminal courts, and 2 juvenile courts.

However, you may not want to discuss your case with a San Antonio lawyer at the present time.  If you are merely collecting information in anticipation of a lawsuit, you may come across useful information at LegalMatch’s Law Library, filled with over 3000 legal articles.

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