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Learn More About Paris, TX

Paris is a city in northeast Texas that’s incorporated into the Dallas—Fort Worth Metroplex and home to 26,000 Lamar County Texans. The residents of Paris have a sense of humor that is exhibited the town’s slogan is the “second largest Paris in the world.” Paris even has a 70-foot Eiffel Tower that’s topped with a giant cowboy hat. Paris is home to the Lamar County Library, Pine Branch Daylily Farm, and hosts the annual bicycle race named the Tour de Paris.
French landmarks aren’t the only thing you can find in Paris, the area is also home to some of Lamar County’s lawyers who know local courts well. Lawyers in Paris take a diverse range of cases including divorce, slip and fall injury, bankruptcy, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI/DWI.
Recently in Paris, a Texas District Court judge set aside a guilty verdict for Danny Holloway who has spent the past 8 years in prison on manslaughter charges. Holloway was convicted for fatally stabbing Ashley Lee outside a nightclub but a DNA test of the murder weapon showed the blood in the knife wasn’t Lee’s. This is the first time in Lamar County history that a judge has set aside a verdict based on DNA evidence.
If you have pending criminal charges in Paris then you’re going to be heading toward the Lamar County District Court which has jurisdiction over juvenile, criminal, probate, civil, and contract cases. District courts also retain exclusive jurisdiction over administrative agency appeals and family law cases like divorce, child custody, and support matters. If you’re looking to clear up an immigration issue the U.S. Immigration Court can handle your case.
LegalMatch is the best way to find a Paris lawyer who is familiar with local courts and is guaranteed by LegalMatch to be in good standing with the Texas State Bar Association. LegalMatch can also help with researching your case with tools like an online law library and forums section. The best part is that LegalMatch’s services are completely FREE!
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