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Learn More About Corsicana, TX

The city of Corsicana was founded in 1848 by Jose Antonio Navarro who named the place after a small island in the Mediterranean called Corsica. The first economic boom came to Corsicana in 1894 when water prospectors found oil in the town. This was the first oil field in Texas of commercial significance.

There are a number of talented Corsicana lawyers that are available to assist you in many areas of law including personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, traffic tickets, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, child support and more.

The father of a deceased man recently filed a lawsuit against the city of Corsicana alleging that it was police indifference and neglect of medical needs that led to his son’s death. The man who died was found laying on a yard in Corsicana, apparently unconscious. The report by the Emergency Medical Team that responded to the scene stated that the Corsicana police refused the EMS team to check the man’s vitals. In addition, after the man had been arrested, he was repeated denied medical treatment while in the jail and he died 29 hours after being booked.

When you need to file a lawsuit that arose in Corsicana, you will likely file your complaint in the Thirteenth District Court of Texas, where your case will be heard. Having a local attorney at your side when you argue your lawsuit can be a great benefit for your situation.

When you are ready to talk to a Corsicana attorney about your situation, LegalMatch is here to help. We provide you with a free online service that can match your case to local legal professionals who are knowledgeable about the laws that apply to your lawsuit. As always, your security is our concern and that is why we will keep all of your information strictly confidential.

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