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Learn More About Brazoria County, TX

Brazoria County, Texas is named after Brazos River, which flows through the county and is the eleventh longest river in the United States. Although the river was once used primarily for navigation before the American Civil War, it is a source of irrigation and power today.

In the News: The residents of a Brazoria County city can breathe more easily now after a lawsuit was settled between the city of Pearland and a local landfill. The lawsuit arose when the citizens of Brazoria County became concerned with the landfill operator’s plan to expand his landfill close to a residential population. The expansion plans called for both lateral expansion, as well as a permit to pile up the refuse 90 feet higher than previously allowed. The Brazoria County city filed a lawsuit on behalf of its residents and a settlement was reached between the parties. Under the agreement, the company is only allowed to take in half of the waste the expansion originally called for, and it must cover the pile with at least four inches of dirt at the close of every day to prevent the odor from escaping.

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