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Learn More About Channelview, TX

Channelview is a census designated place with 30,000 Harris County residents that widely refer to their hometown as the oil refinery suburb of metropolitan Houston. Channelview is largely a commuter area that is just 10 miles east of downtown Houston. Channelview also plays host to 2 community centers, the V.V. Ramsey Community Center and the M.L. Flukinger Community Center.

Channelview is so close to downtown Houston that many local residents are also lawyers who are well versed in local courts. Lawyers in Channelview take a diverse selection of cases, some typical examples include: bankruptcy, wrongful termination, child support, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.

Recently in Channelview, three people were apprehended with stolen meat in their pants. David Glaze, Laura Wylie, and Joseph Smith allegedly tried to steal meat from a local Channelview grocer by hiding them in their pants, however, the weight made it difficult to get away when police pursued the three. Glaze, Wylie, and Smith have all been charged with misdemeanor theft.

If you have criminal charges pending against you in Channelview, you will likely be visiting the Harris County District Court. Texas District Courts are responsible for hearing domestic relations, probate, real property, juvenile, criminal, and administrative agency appeal cases. The U.S. Immigration Court is responsible for hearing immigration cases like green card and visa matters.

By consulting a bar certified Channelview lawyer you will not have to work about all of the rigid procedural filings and motions involved with a case. LegalMatch is the most comprehensive method of find a knowledgeable Channelview lawyer. LegalMatch is the place to go for solving any legal issue you may face but before you select a lawyer, check out our helpful legal tips. Check out our Law Library for quick reference on your case.

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