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Learn More About Irving, TX

Irving lies within Dallas County, and is home to about 200,000 residents.  Until November 2008, Irving prohibited stores from selling alcoholic beverages, and was the most populous dry suburb in northern Texas.

A number of major corporations such as Chuck E. Cheese’s, ExxonMobil, and Kimberly-Clark are headquartered in Irving; in addition, Irving serves as national headquarters for Boy Scouts of America.  The Dallas Cowboys currently play football at Irving’s Texas Stadium, although they are planning to move their activities to Arlington, Texas in 2009.

Recently, Mr. Medina, an Irving man convicted of killing his children in October 2008, filed an appeal for a new trial, which would be heard by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  Medina filed a claim for ineffective assistance of counsel based on the assertion that his lawyer, Donna Winfield, was not qualified to represent him.  District Court Judge Andy Chatham mistakenly appointed Winfield after consulting an outdated list of attorneys qualified to represent defendants facing capital punishment.  Winfield concedes that her name was not on the list, but maintains that she is qualified and was absent from the list merely because she failed to resubmit her name after becoming too busy to take on new death penalty cases.

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