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Learn More About Round Rock, TX

Round Rock was voted the “7th best small city to live in the United States” by Money Magazine in 2008. Round Rock derives its name from the round rock that the original town was setup near; the rock marked a low water crossing point for cattle and wagons. Round Rock is also the location of the historic “Sam Bass Shootout.”

Lawyers in Round Rock are familiar with many court filing procedures and take a wide range of cases including family, criminal, employment, real estate, and intellectual property. Round Rock lawyers can assist you with any legal issue that you may face.

Round Rock residents that filed the lawsuit against the Round Rock Independent School District over prayers at graduation and student elections have settled their case. The school district agreed not to incorporate any religious communications or ceremonies into school sponsored events like graduation.

If you are planning on fighting an ordinance violation in Round Rock, you are likely to visit the Round Rock Municipal Court. The municipal court has jurisdiction over class C misdemeanors and citations issued in Round Rock. For nearly every other case including divorce and bankruptcy, you will have to visit the Williamson County Annex Court 1 in Round Rock.

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