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Learn More About Little Elm, TX

A virtually brand new city, Little Elm in Denton County, north Texas, is proud of its ambience as a small but fast-growing and prosperous town in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Its population stood at more than 3,000 in the year 2000. This jumped to more than 25,000 in 2010, while the last census year of 2017 tagged the local populace at 46,548.

It is one among a number of Texas cities that are undergoing a growth phenomenon, both in population and economic terms. The boomtown spirit is supported by 66 miles of shoreline by Lake Lewisville, the longest stretch of recreational, commercial, and residential shoreline in the DFW region.

The FBI considered the town the safest in Texas in the year 2013, and the 13th safest in 2016. Demographic changes and interactions, and social problems related to a booming economy may have influenced the lower safety ranking. While this is something of a natural consequence of growth, it also means more need of legal experts to handle the rise of civil suits, misdemeanors, and other cases handled by the Municipal Court.

If you need to know about Little Elm’s legal cases and municipal codes, the local government supports its own public library, which has virtual services, while the town secretary is open to all inquiries regarding registry and records.

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Little Elm has a history of protecting its citizens from companies who may have unjustly charged them for certain services or products. In a 2002 legal intervention, the then-municipality of Little Elm collaborated with other cities in Denton County. This was done to compel TXU Lone Star Pipeline (LSP) to defray municipal spending to help citizens affected by utility surcharges billed by the LSP. These added charges were meant to cover some of the cost of LSP’s new gas pipeline.

Zoning for the construction of new subdivisions has affected local politics. The effect may be objectively considered positive in the sense that stakeholders are able to influence elections for the overall good of the community. Lawyers in Little Elm are regular candidates for elective offices and can be well-employed as political sentinels who protect the majority of citizens by creating improved city codes and regulations.

For free legal services in Little Elm, provides legal clinics as well as connections to lawyers offering pro bono services to those in need. It works in coordination with organizations like the Texas Legal Aid Organizations and Texas Bar Foundation. All lawyers that provide pro bono services in TexasLawHelp are qualified to practice law in the state of Texas.

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