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Learn More About Killeen, TX

Killeen is located in Central Texas, and is home to about 113,000 people.  Killeen sits in Bell County, and lies across from the primary cantonment of Fort Hood, a U.S. Army post located about equidistance between Waco and Austin.  Fort Hood is the nation’s biggest army post, and was once the biggest military base in the free world.  Furthermore, Killeen houses the III Corps, which receives logistical support from the Killeen-based 13th Sustainment Command.

Fort Hood also offers recreational activities for Killeen residents, including the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area, military-themed museums, and an impressive Fourth of July festival, where one of the nation’s largest fireworks shows is presented. 

Recently, the Killeen Independent School District was accused of violating the Georgia Open Record Act (GORA), a state law which requires school boards to make public certain aspects of employee recruitment.  The school board allegedly hired Jim Hawkins as the new school superintendent after holding a meeting with him that was not advertised 24 hours in advance, as GORA mandates.  The board claims that under O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1(a)(2) the meeting did not need to be made public since the it was conducted outside the district with a public official.  David Hudson, an attorney for the Georgia Press Association, argues that the board’s action did not fall under an exception, and their action violates the spirit of the law.

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