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Learn More About Longview, TX

Longview is located in both Gregg and Harrison Counties, and the principle city of the Longview Metropolitan Statistical Area. Longview is home to several notable residents which range from country music singers (Neal McCoy), actors (Matthew McConaughey) and professional football players (Robert Newhouse).

Longview lawyers practice in many legal fields, including family, criminal, employment, immigration, personal injury, real estate and many others. Finding an attorney who is experienced in your required field is important.

Recently, a Longview man was found after he escaped from a Gregg County jail. Michael Fagan was about to be booked for possession of a controlled substance when he took off and escaped from the jail. Sheriffs later found Fagan hiding between a box spring and mattress in his girlfriend’s home. Fagan now faces two additional counts of evading arrest.

Ragan’s case will be brought before the Gregg County Court, which also handles family, civil, and probate matters.  Federal cases in Longview will be taken before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. It is important for your attorney to know which court to use and where to file your case.

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