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Learn More About Schertz, TX

Schertz is a city in Guadalupe County, Texas, with a population of approximately 23,000 residents. In 2007, rated Schertz as the Number 1 best place to live in Texas, and the 40th best place to live nationwide.
In April 2010, residents of Schertz will be holding a runoff election to determine who will be the Republican nominee for place 3 on the Texas State Supreme Court. The candidates are Rick Green, a former Dripping Springs state representative, and Debra Lehrmann, a 360th Judicial District Judge of Fort Worth. The winner will meet Democrat and Texas First Court of Appeals Justice Jim Sharp in the November 2 general election. The Texas Supreme Court is the court of last resort for civil matters, and consists of a chief justice and eight associate justices. These justices are elected for six-year terms on a staggered basis.
Most legal matters arising out of Schertz will be heard by Guadalupe County’s trial courts. There is considerable jurisdictional overlap amongst the courts, and a lawyer is best equipped to navigate the system on your behalf. The Justice of the Peace Court has original jurisdiction in Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, which are less serious minor offenses. This court also functions as a small claims court. The Constitutional County Court generally hears probate cases, and has original jurisdiction over all Class A and Class B misdemeanor criminal cases. The District Courts have original jurisdiction in all felony criminal cases, divorce cases, cases involving title to land, and election contest cases. The Constitutional County Court, Justice of the Peace Court, and District Courts share concurrent jurisdiction in civil cases where the amount in controversy is small. In addition, there is a County Court at Law, whose legal jurisdiction varies considerably by county, but is usually shares some jurisdiction with the Justice of the Peace Court and the District Courts. The City of Schertz Municipal Court has jurisdiction over offenses occurring within the city limits that are violations of City ordinances or violations of a State Statute.
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