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Learn More About Sachse, TX

The city of Sachse, is situated in the Dallas-Fort Worth urban area of Texas. This city was founded by William Sachse, an immigrant from Prussia. The enterprising Mr. Sachse, whose name means Saxon, built the first cotton gins and mills in this part of Texas.

Sachse is one of those cities whose territory is part of two adjoining counties, those of Dallas and Collins in northwest Texas state. This fact does not at all affect the economic progress of the city, which is a peaceful one that is well-managed by its citizens.

The modern Sachse Library has a traditional library board composed of prominent citizens of the city and is the source of many records pertaining to law cases that have been filed and tried under the jurisdiction of the city’s local court. One of these cases is the important City of Sachse, Texas v. Kansas City Southern (a railroad company), which was filed on March 20, 2008.

The said case involved a dispute between both parties over the railroad company’s property condemned by the city to make way for a railroad crossing. The company in turn had the matter removed before being served process, and, as was right and proper, the city immediately filed a motion to remand the case to federal jurisdiction.

There are more sources of information on legal matters found in the city and Collins and Dallas Counties. However, if you want a reliable resource online, you can go to LegalMatch’s online Law Library, which features readable and accessible articles on a complete range of legal disciplines.

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With a median household income range that is within $70,000, one can say that there is a lot less need for pro bono or discounted legal aid in Sachse, but a significant portion of the populace can make use of free legal services as those offered by Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, members of the state bar association and the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program.

Like other cities in the DFW region, the city is benefited by the nearness of so many service agencies and companies located in the area. Law firms and lawyers are part of a service field in which Sachse citizens should not lack.

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