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Learn More About Denton, TX

Denton lies in North Texas near the Oklahoma border. The city was founded by John Denton, a well known attorney of his time who also made a name for himself as a successful Indian fighter. Denton today is known for its eclectic city culture and its successful Rugby team, who won numerous state championships and made it to the National Quarterfinals in Reno, Nevada in 2004.

Denton has over 230 attorneys and legal professionals. The Denton County Bar Association is well regarded within Texas, winning numerous Merit Awards for Most Outstanding Bar Association within its division. Denton attorneys practice in criminal law, personal injury law, wills and trusts, real estate, and many other areas.

Denton lawyers are familiar with the various rules of Denton County’s criminal and civil courts. Although all Texas lawyers are licensed to practice within the entire state, local Denton lawyers will be familiar with local court rules, staff, and other Denton attorneys. This local experience may be helpful in quickly resolving your legal dispute.

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