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Learn More About Eagle Pass, TX

Eagle Pass was the United States’ first settlement that was built along the Rio Grande River. The town was originally built to house the Texas militia which had been ordered to stop illegal trade and trafficking between the United States and Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Most recently, Eagle Pass was sued by the United States government to have access to build a border fence along the Rio Grande.

If you need legal assistance in Eagle Pass, there are a number of Eagle Pass lawyers that are ready to help. These attorneys are skilled in a number of areas of law including personal injury, automobile accidents, divorce, DUI, criminal defense, child support, wills, real estate and more.

Recently, the city of Eagle Pass was sued by the United States government for access to land that the city owns to construct a border fence. This lawsuit was part of over 100 lawsuits that were planned against various cities and towns along the Rio Grande. The city and residents of Eagle Pass opposed the planned construction of the wall, saying that the draw of the US economy is too great and a new fence would not deter many illegal immigrants from entering the country.

If you have a lawsuit that arose in Eagle Pass, your case will most likely be heard in one of the district courts for Maverick County. These courts are the general level trial courts of general jurisdiction in Texas and hear criminal, family and civil cases in which the amount in controversy exceeds $200. Both of the district courts for the county are located in Eagle Pass, meaning that the local attorneys are well versed in these courts.

LegalMatch is here to help you find a great Eagle Pass attorney to represent you in your case. Here at LegalMatch, we understand how important it is to have a great working relationship with your legal representative. This is why we let you read attorney profiles and past client reviews well before you ever have to choose which attorney you want to represent you.

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