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Learn More About Granbury, TX

Granbury, TX is a picture-perfect small town that is rich in history. That is why USA Today voted it as America’s Best Historic Small Town. Tourism is a major force in the thriving local economy. The townspeople, government, and businesses contribute to making Granbury a preferred tourist stop state-wide. It’s now a recognized destination for people in surrounding states.

Granbury is a city whose population is less than 10,000. However, a well-oiled tourism industry features tourist attractions, beds and breakfasts, leisure activity areas (around Lake Granbury), arts and culture events, parks, museums, and excellent restaurants. Spending a day or two here can be a rewarding experience in local history.

Hood County, Texas’ county seat, Granbury started life as a square with a log cabin courthouse among its structures. Older buildings around the modern square are registered historical landmarks, among them the Granbury Opera House. While it is named after Confederate General Hiram Granberry, residents actually chose to spell the name Granbury.

Local legend says that President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, fled here and assumed an alias, the only successful one in a conspiracy to murder the president, vice president, and secretary of state of the United States, to avenge the failed Confederate cause.

The city hosts a regional airport, which aids its tourism industry. It is also part of the so-called Tornado Alley, which covers northern Texas and parts of neighboring states. A major tornado struck the town in 2013, leaving six dead and about 100 homes destroyed.

For a town known as a good tourist spot, the crime rate in Granbury is 97% higher than the US average. The majority of criminal offenses are property crimes and theft. There is a significant number of violent crimes.

The modern Hood County library provides any information pertaining to legal cases and details for residents of the city. If you want more helpful articles on any part of the law, you can always access the LegalMatch online library. LegalMatch matches you to a particular kind of attorney if you visit the website and fill in the appropriate forms.

You can also get help from Legal Aid Legal Services Corporation, which runs legal clinics and provides paralegal services, among other things. Organizations like Legal Aid of Northwest Texas are non-profit and help low-income families have access to lawyers. Nearby Fort Worth has the Texas A&M School of Law Legal Clinic for those in need of legal help.

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