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Learn More About Temple, TX

Temple is a Central Texas city that is home to 60,000 Bell County residents. The City of Temple is located adjacent to the seat of Bell County, Belton, and is known as the wildflower capital of Texas. Temple serves as the principal city of the Killeen—Temple—Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area. Temple is known for being the hometown of football player Mean Joe Greene, the band Spoon’s lead singer Britt Daniel, and footballer Sammy Baugh.

Temple is a great place to find a lawyer because it is such a large city and is close to the county seat where many courthouses are located. Lawyers in Temple take a very wide range of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa and green card, divorce, and criminal cases like DUI and felony hearings.

Recently, Temple resident David Saverse filed a lawsuit against the City of Temple seeking damages totaling over $250,000. Saverse was with his family walking to their car when a large tree branch fell damaging 8 cars and fracturing his skull. Temple then incurred heavy medical debts, lost his job as a plumber, and then lost his home because of the incident.

If you have a case to file in Temple you will be visiting the Bell County District Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases like divorce, child custody, and child/spousal support as well as administrative agency appeals. Texas District Courts also handle criminal cases like felony cases, tort, contract, probate, and juvenile cases. The U.S. District Court for Western Texas is responsible for hearing any bankruptcies.

To be sure that you are filing with the correct court and you case is handled well, hire a bar certified LegalMatch lawyer who knows local Bell County court procedures. LegalMatch also provides many helpful legal research materials like forums, an online law library, and tips on selecting the best Temple layer for you case. LegalMatch’s services are free and back by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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