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Learn More About Benbrook, TX

Located ten miles southwest of Fort Worth, in the southwest of Tarrant County, is the city of Benbrook, TX which has a population of 21,234 based on the 2010 Census. The city, which was originally called Miranda, was named after James M. Benbrook who had a huge role in persuading Texas and Pacific Railway officials to extend their tracks through the area.

In 2018, a trucking company filed a federal lawsuit against a former employee from Benbrook after allegedly defrauding the company around $93,000. The lawsuit claims that the former trucker incurred nearly $93K in fraudulent fuel charges on trucks that were either idle or unassigned to him using the company-provided fuel card. The lawsuit seeks for the former employee to repay the amount plus all the legal fees and other reasonable costs.

If you ever find yourself being a victim of fraud, or any circumstance that requires legal action, it’s important to know all the options and resources available to you in and near Benbrook, TX. There are two law libraries near Benbrook that you can use for legal research: the Tarrant County Law Library and the Dee J. Kelly Law Library in Fort Worth. Alternatively, you can also do your legal research in the comforts of your own home or anywhere with the internet through LegalMatch’s online Law Library, which contains thousands of legal articles that could assist you with your particular legal concern.

There are also a handful of non-profit organizations and agencies that provide free or pro bono legal services to low-income residents of Benbrook and Tarrant County. In Fort Worth, there’s the Guardianship Services, Inc.,Safe Haven of Tarrant County, Innocence Project of Texas, Texas A&M University School of Law Legal Clinic, Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, and the Tarrant County Bar Association Legal Line, to name a few — all of which specialize on various types of cases and clients.

These organizations usually require applicants to undergo a screening process in order to avail of their free or pro bono legal services, as well as other qualifications requirements. If you’re unable to meet the said requirements, or if you’re in need of urgent legal assistance, it’s recommended that you hire a qualified lawyer to assist you promptly.

Through LegalMatch, you can easily find qualified lawyers to handle your case. Posting your case at can help you find the right Benbrook lawyer to represent you in your case. LegalMatch is an online client-attorney legal matching service that takes the information you provide about your case and matches you with attorneys in your area that have expertise in the subject matter that your case involves.

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