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Learn More About Lewisville, TX

Lewisville is in the northern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The city remained primarily a small town up until 1974 when the Dallas-Fort Worth airport opened, and since then the population has grown explosively. Because of its location, Lewisville has become a desirable place to live, and housing developments keep springing up, allowing more families to move into the area. Just to the north of the city is the Lewisville Lake, which is a popular destination for fishing, water skiing, and boating.

If you find yourself facing legal problems in Lewisville, there are many experienced Lewisville lawyers who are available to take your case. The attorneys in Lewisville are highly skilled in areas of law such as contracts, divorce, DUI, personal injury, wrongful death, estate planning, tax, and many other areas.

In January, 2009, a Lewisville based landscaping company and three of its employees sued the Texas Department of Public Safety over its new rule that prohibits immigrants with less that six months left on their visas from getting a driver’s license. The owner of the Lewisville based company, who applies for his immigrant workers to get work visas from the Department of Homeland Security, says that without driver’s licenses, his workers will not be able to get to and from the job sites during the busy spring and summer months. The company and its employees are demanding a temporary injunction against the new rule.

While there is not a state trial level court of general jurisdiction in Lewisville, the nearby city of Denton houses the 16th District Court of Texas. In addition, the Second Court of Appeals of Texas is located just to the south of Lewisville in Fort Worth. With both of these important courts so close to Lewisville, you may be required to report to either of them if you have a legal problem in Denton County. If so, you will want an experienced Lewisville attorney to represent you.

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