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Learn More About Lufkin, TX

Lufkin is an Angelina County city that has a population of 32,709 residents giving it the title of 76th largest city in the Great State of Texas. Lufkin is best known for being the location that much of the Challenger Space Shuttle debris landed as well as receiving Texas’ first biomass power plant.

Lufkin is home to some very knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Lufkin are responsible for taking a diverse mix of cases including child custody, green card immigration, chapter 7 bankruptcy, malpractice, and DUI cases.

Recently, Lufkin resident Raymond Wilson II was arrested on 3 counts of capital murder for the deaths of Lisa Zumwalt, Douglas Wade, and Sherry Wood. The Angelina County Sheriffs Department traced Wilson to the crime using his cell phone records. Wilson could face life in prison.

If you have a divorce to file in Lufkin then you will be heading to the 159th District Court in Lufkin. District courts in Texas have jurisdiction over all domestic relations cases as well as felony, juvenile, and administrative agency appeal cases. They also hear probate, real property, tort, and contract matters.

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