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Learn More About Midlothian, TX

Twenty-five miles south of Dallas lies Midlothian, TX. This city of approximately 14,000 was originally incorporated in 1888 after being settled as a small farming community. Today Midlothian has evolved into a strong industrial community, once known as the “Cement Capital of Texas.” Midlothian sits in Ellis County, which comprises 939 miles of the almost-treeless Blackland Prairie with an elevation ranging from 300 to 700 feet above sea level.

If you have a legal issue, you may require the assistance of a Midlothian lawyer.  Lawyers in Midlothian are experienced in handlings legal issues such as business disputes, personal injury, real estate, criminal matters, will trusts and estates, as well as any other you may face.

Midlothian attorneys recently argued on both sides of a dispute involving property damage due to subdivision construction. The lawsuit alleged that a woman living in an area of natural drainage experienced heavier than normal volumes of water, causing damage to concrete structures on her property, after Midlothian approved plans for drainage detention pond located within the subdivision. The court found the City of Midlothian was immune from the lawsuit under statute.

The Texas court system is structured as limited jurisdiction courts (including Justice Courts, Municipal courts, and County-level courts), district courts, Courts of Appeal, a Court of Criminal Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Midlothian may argue your case before the Midlothian Municipal Court, the Ellis County Court at Law One or Two, or the 378th District Court. A Midlothian attorney can help you decide which of these courts is the right one for your case.

LegalMatch can help in your search for a Midlothian attorney. Our website contains helpful tips on selecting the right lawyer, as well as general information on a number of legal topics. LegalMatch’s free service also pre-screens qualified, experienced Midlothian attorneys with a proven track record in your legal area of need. Let LegalMatch pair you with the Midlothian lawyer who is right for your unique case.

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