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Learn More About Arlington, TX

The 7th largest city in Texas, Arlington is the home to a variety of national sports teams and Texas attractions. The Texas Rangers play in Arlington, and the Dallas Cowboys will be joining them once their new Arlington stadium is completed. Six Flags Over Texas is also located within the city, and is the first Six Flags theme park built in the United States.

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Arlington is home to many qualified Arlington lawyers. Attorneys in Arlington can help you with bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, wills and trusts, family law, and a variety of other legal issues.

In 2001, Arlington attorneys filed a class action lawsuit against a California homebuilder for not telling buyers that their new homes were built on an old Army bombing range. A child playing in the dirt discovered a test bomb, which led residents to discover that the developer had purchased the land from the military, failed to clean the site, and then sold the homes to buyers without informing them of the Army’s recommendation that the land be used for “above ground use only.” The California developer lost the lawsuit and the site was cleaned up.

Arlington lawyers are familiar with the Tarrant County Court system. Although all attorneys licensed in Texas are qualified to practice anywhere in the state, an experienced Arlington attorney will be familiar with local court staff, judges, and the rules of Tarrant County. This local know how could come in handy if you have a case in Arlington.

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