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Learn More About Richardson, TX

Richardson is rankled second in Texas as the “Best Place to Raise Children” according to a 2009 edition of Business Week. It has been ranked as high as 15th on the Money Magazine list of best places to live in the United States, so it is no wonder that it is also among the safest cities. Some current and former Richardson residents include Anne Rice, Shawn Michaels, Bill Engvall, and Jessica and Ashley Simpson.

As an outstanding community, the lawyers in Richardson are some of the most reputable and experienced in Texas. Lawyers in Richardson are able to assist you with real estate law including zoning, mortgages, landlord and tenant disputes, foreclosures, or any other legal related issue with which you may face.

Lately Richardson City Council members unanimously passed the “Neighborhood Development Overlay Ordinance.” The new ordinance will empower residents of Richardson to make changes to neighborhood ordinances like building height restrictions through a seven step process which includes petition voting and neighborhood meetings. The goal of the newly passed ordinance is aimed at giving neighborhoods and homeowners more building freedom while maintaining collective input from residents.

Lawyers in Richardson are familiar with the Court filing procedures in both Collin and Dallas Counties since the city of Richardson is divided between the two. The Texas Court system is comprised of one Supreme Court and many district and county level Courts, but the justice and municipal Courts will most likely be your starting point. The Richardson municipal and justice courts deal with misdemeanors, both criminal and civil, and small claims which in Texas mean $10,000 or less. Lawyers in Richardson are also able to report to the 219th District Court, probate courts, and any other jurisdictional court that you may require.

LegalMatch is the not only the most reliable way to find a lawyer in Richardson but also in Collin and Dallas Counties. Simply enter your legal matter on our confidential website, and we’ll match you with the right attorney for your case. LegalMatch also has Forms and Blogs that deal with current legal issues.

For more information on the Overlay Ordinance and further local Richardson, Collin County, and Dallas County laws and regulation please see these websites:

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