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Learn More About Bexar County, TX

During the days of the Republic of Texas, Bexar County comprised more area than most current states. Bexar spanned the entire western portion of Texas, as well as parts of New Mexico and Wyoming. Today, Bexar County lies in southern Texas and is home to San Antonio, its county seat.

Bexar lawyers can help you with issues in criminal law, family law, probate, tax law, personal injury, bankruptcy and foreclosure, and more.

Attorneys and county officials in Bexar are supporting a lawsuit against the Federal government and the Department of Homeland Security. Both Bexar and El Paso counties oppose the manner in which the federal government is procuring land for the fence. Bexar has not officially joined in the lawsuit, but has lent its name in support of it.

Attorneys in Bexar County will be familiar with the Bexar County court system. This court system includes a variety of district courts, as well several Bexar County courts. Experienced lawyers in Bexar County will be familiar with the rules of these courts, as well as local court staff, judges, and other Bexar county lawyers.

Bexar also has its own unique laws which your local Bexar County attorney will be familiar with. For instance, Camp Bullis, a local military facility, routinely runs nighttime training drills. County ordinances that restrict nighttime ambient lighting—unique to Bexar County—are attempting to lower “light pollution” in the area in order better facilitate these training exercises.

If you need a reputable pre-screened lawyer in Bexar County, visit for some helpful information on how to hire the right attorney for you. Follow this link to a useful website for evaluating various Lawyer Referral Services in Bexar County. You may also be interested in visiting the following websites to learn more about the law of Bexar County and the state of Texas:

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