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Learn More About Hurst, TX

Hurst is a Tarrant County city that is located between Fort Worth and Dallas. Hurst is named for William Letchworth Hurst and has 36,000 residents. Hurst locals and visitors alike enjoy the North East Mall and other boutique shopping throughout the city’s downtown.

Some Hurst locals are also lawyers who are familiar with practicing law in Texas and Tarrant County. Lawyers in Hurst take a diverse selection of cases such as bankruptcy, child support, real property, probate, and criminal cases among many others.

Recently in Hurst, Shanna Hartman was arrested after allegedly beating her 10 year old son. Teachers noticed bruising on the face of Hartman’s son and sent him to the school nurse who reported that is was from abuse. The boy said that his mother repeatedly slapped him in the face, neck, and jaw areas for not cleaning his room. Extensive bruising on the boy warranted further investigation from law enforcement that arrested her on child injury charges. She left jail on a $50,000 bail bond.

If you have a lawsuit or restraining order to file in Hurst then you will be heading to the Tarrant County District Court in Fort Worth. Texas District Courts handle most cases that arise in the Hurst area like domestic relations, civil, criminal, tort, contract, real property, and probate cases among others.

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