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Learn More About Lubbock County, TX

Known as the "Diamond of the West," Lubbock County sits in the great state of Texas and was officially created in 1876. Visitors and residents alike often sit and cheer for the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team during home games in Lubbock County. There is also great golfing in the area with both public and private courses.
When you need to speak to an attorney in Lubbock County, there are many experienced Lubbock County lawyers available. These legal professionals regularly practice in many areas of law including personal injury, car accidents, head injuries, divorce, DUI, alimony, bankruptcy, tax, business, criminal defense, and more.
Voters in Lubbock County recently passed two ballot measures that greatly expanded the rights of store and restaurant owners to sell and serve alcohol. However, owners of stores in neighboring towns have filed suit against Lubbock County over these measures claiming that the stores that will now be permitted to sell alcohol are not contained within the correct zoning areas as dictated by state law. Many people feel that this lawsuit was brought to protect the economic interests of these stores as many of the students at Texas Tech have been forced in the past to drive out to these locations to buy alcohol for school parties. Many of the stores in Lubbock County are waiting until the results of this litigation before they decide whether or not to apply for a permit to sell alcohol.
If you have a case in Lubbock County, you will most likely have to file it in one of the District Courts of Lubbock County. Often times, getting your lawsuit in front of a judge can be a battle in itself. However, a local attorney who is familiar with these courts can make sure that your case has its day in court.
There are many ways that you could find a Lubbock County lawyer for your case, but perhaps the best is We offer you a free online service that specifically matches your lawsuit to attorneys in the area. We also pre-screen all of the attorneys we work with to make sure that they are in good standing with the state bar, all to make sure that your safety and security is preserved.
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