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Learn More About Webb County, TX

Webb County is the largest county by area in South Texas. Webb County is overwhelmingly democratic and in 2008, despite John McCain winning the state at large, President Barack Obama won Webb County and got 71% of the votes in the county. Webb County was named after James Webb, a famous Texan politician and judge.
The Webb County lawyers are skilled in many areas of law including immigration, tax, bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, civil rights, constitutional law, divorce, DUI, child custody, alimony, and more.
Former employees of the Webb County tax office have filed suit claiming that their firings were retaliatory for not participating in the forced gambling that the longtime boss of the office allegedly required of all his employees. The lawsuit alleges that the boss required all employees to take part in mandatory football pools, sell raffle tickets for trips to Vegas and other related activities. Used car dealerships and other businesses that bought these raffle tickets were given red carpet treatment, such as waived late fees on taxes. Six employees refused to participate in these illegal activities and, as the lawsuit claims, were allegedly fired because of it. Two other former employees of the Webb County tax office were allegedly fired for refusing to put bumper stickers for their boss on their personal cars.
Residents of Webb County who need to file a lawsuit will likely have to send their legal papers to one of the district courts in the county. There are four district courts in Webb County, the 111th, the 341st, the 406th, and the 49th. The local attorneys regularly practice in these courts and can represent you when you are required to show up. can help you find a great Webb County lawyer who is excited about assisting you with your legal needs. We offer a free online service that you can use to get matched to a local attorney who has experience with cases similar to yours. We also maintain a LegalCenter where you will find many useful articles and helpful hints.
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