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Learn More About Cedar Hill, TX

Cedar Hill is a Texas city that extends into both Dallas and Ellis Counties. Cedar Hill is just 16 miles from the city of Dallas but is considered part of the Best Southwest area which is made up of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster. Cedar Hill also plays host the Boxcar Club which hosts many charity and private events in an old railroad boxcar.

Cedar Hill is also home to a number of local lawyers who are well versed with Dallas and Ellis County courts. Lawyers in Cedar Hill admit a broad mix of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, immigration, wrongful death, and criminal cases like DUI and drug possession.

Recently near Cedar Hill, the Dallas City Hall Corruption Case partially concluded with 6 of 12 that pleaded guilty to bribery, extortion, and improper use of political influence among other charges will face 5 to 20 years in prison. The final 6 that pleaded not guilty will face trial at an upcoming date; however, federal prosecutors said that they were optimistic about the outcome because of the evidence they have compiled in conjunction with the 6 guilty pleas heard this week.

If you have criminal charges pending against you in Cedar Hill, you will likely be visiting the nearest county or district court. The Dallas District and County Courts retain the same jurisdiction as the Ellis District Court and Ellis County Court. All 4 courts have jurisdiction over cases that arise in the area like domestic relations, real property, contract, civil, criminal, and appeals cases. Normally, it’s best to consult a Cedar Hill lawyer so that your case is filed appropriately.

LegalMatch is can help you answer questions that you may have about Cedar Hill court procedures or issues surrounding your case. LegalMatch continues to be the best resource for people to find a lawyer in Cedar Hill by providing reviews, availability schedules, and upfront pricing from all LegalMatch lawyers. Also, check out our Law Blog and Law Library.

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