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Learn More About Brownsville, TX

Originally established in 1848, Brownsville, TX is the state’s 16th largest city with a population of just under 200,000. Located on the Rio Grande near the Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville’s semi-tropical climate averages 234 days of sun and 74 degrees yearly. Local attractions include the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic site (which marked the start of the Mexican-American war), the Sabal Palm Audubon Sanctuary, the Gladys Porter Zoo, and the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

Numerous top-notch Brownsville lawyers have made the area their home. Lawyers in Brownsville can assist you with a number of legal matters involving Directory of XX State Bar Associations, business, family, medical malpractice, real estate, immigration, or any other matter that you may face.

Brownsville lawyers are representing the city of Brownsville in a lawsuit that the father and stepmother of 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez Jr. have filed against it in federal court. Gonzales was killed when he was shot by two Brownsville police officers after he brought a pellet gun to school. The boy’s father and stepmother allege that the officers violated Gonzales’ civil rights when they used excessive force against him. In an interesting recent development, the boy’s biological mother has recently petitioned the court to be allowed to intervene and join as a plaintiff even though she allegedly has not been an active part of Gonzales’ life since he was a baby.

The court system in Texas is structured as limited jurisdiction courts (including Justice courts, Municipal courts, and County-level courts), district courts, Courts of Appeal, a Court of Criminal Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Brownsville may argue a case in the Brownsville Municipal court, the Cameron County Court at Law, the 103rd District Court, or any other court as your case may require. A Brownsville lawyer can help you navigate this complex system of courts.

LegalMatch can assist with your search for a Brownsville attorney. You can find helpful tips on selecting the right lawyer and general information on your legal issue on our website. LegalMatch’s free service also pre-screens qualified, experienced Brownsville attorneys with a proven track record in your legal area of need. Let LegalMatch pair you with the Brownsville attorney who is right for your unique case.

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