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Learn More About Kingwood, TX

Known as the “Livable Forest” because of the large number of trees interspersed within the neighborhoods, the community of Kingwood is located in northeast Houston. Kingwood was planned and built in 1971 by the Friendswood Development Company. The planned community was annexed by Houston in 1996 despite public outcry from the residents who did not wish to come under control of the larger city.

If you are involved in a lawsuit, or need to file a lawsuit in Kingwood, there are many gifted Kingwood lawyers who are available to represent you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, product liability, tax, and many more.

In a recent lawsuit, a Kingwood woman sued an adult actress and an adult film company in District Court of Harris County. The woman is accusing the adult film star of using her name in her adult films. The two women had first met and become friends in the 9th grade at Kingwood High School, but were no longer friends by the time the plaintiff graduated. The lawsuit claims that a few years after high school, the Kingwood woman was contacted by some of her friends and family asking her why she was in the adult film industry. Distressed, the woman did some research and found that her former friend had adopted her name as her pseudonym in the adult film industry. The Kingwood woman is suing for emotional distress and mental anguish.

Kingwood is served by the District Court of Harris County, which is located nearby in Houston. The First Court of Appeals for Texas is also located in Houston. If you have a legal action in Kingwood, you will probably be required to report to court in Houston. The lawyers in Kingwood are well versed in all of the courts in the area and are on hand to assist you in your case.

If you need help finding a local Kingwood attorney, LegalMatch is here to help you. We are the premier online legal matching service and pride ourselves in helping you find the right lawyer for your case. Don’t delay anymore, check out LegalMatch today!

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