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Learn More About Texarkana, TX

The City of Texarkana is home to 35,000 residents who are separated by State Line Avenue which is the division between Texas and Arkansas. Even though it’s split in two, the city functions like it were all Bowie County, Texas residents. Texarkana is a diverse community that has played host to likes of Otis Williams of The Temptations, magician J.B. Bobo, Ross Perot, and best-selling author of celebrities Marshall Terrill.

Texarkana is home to some reliable lawyers who are familiar with the intricacies of practicing in Texas and Arkansas. Lawyers in Texarkana advise clients on a diverse range of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, child custody, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI/DWI and drug possession.

Recently in Texarkana, U.S. District Court Judge John F. Miller rejected the Texas Attorney General’s request to drop the charges against a former high school coach due to lack of evidence. Vergil Richardson was arrested on drug possession charges following the raid of a property in Clarksville but denied any knowledge that drugs were present. Richardson alleges that his pending lawsuit against the county and others is the reason the charges are not being dropped.

If you have a civil case like an automobile injury case to file in Texarkana you will be heading to the Bowie County District Court. Texas State District Courts are the highest trial level courts with which you may file and are responsible for taking domestic relations, criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, and administrative agency appeal cases among others. The U.S. District Court for Eastern Texas is responsible for hearing federal and bankruptcy cases.

LegalMatch is a free client-lawyer pairing service that helps you select a capable Texarkana lawyer. LegalMatch supplies a number of research tools like blawgs, an online law library, and newsletters within the Legal Center. Also, check out the great customer satisfaction guarantee.

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