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Learn More About Georgetown, TX

Georgetown is the seat of Williamson County and plays host to Southwestern University and 28,400 residents. One notable attraction is the Inner Space Cavern which is a cave on the south side of the city. Georgetown is known as the retirement capital of Texas and is the location of many excellent senior communities and medical resources like Alzheimer’s care.

A number of Georgetown’s distinguished residents are also knowledgeable lawyers who know local Williamson County courts. Lawyers in Georgetown are familiar with divorce, wrongful termination, bankruptcy, malpractice, and criminal cases like DUI and felonies among others.

Recently, a former Georgetown police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Georgetown Police Sergeant Jimmy Lewis Fennell Jr. was convicted of kidnapping and improper sexual activity with an intoxicated woman he’d taken into custody. The woman was taken into Fennell’s custody after a domestic disturbance call; she was then forced to dance and have sex with Fennell. The judge presiding over the case commented that it demonstrates police are not above the law.

If you have a case to file in Georgetown then you will be visiting the Williamson County District Court. The district court level in Texas handles most kinds of cases like domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, probate, and civil cases. District courts also retain exclusive jurisdiction over administrative agency appeals.

LegalMatch makes finding a reputable lawyer for your case easy with their free client-lawyer matching services. LegalMatch offers an outstanding satisfaction guarantee on their matching services in addition to reference materials like a Law Library. Also, check out the tips section for advice on selecting the best lawyer for your needs.

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