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Learn More About University Park, TX

The community of University Park, TX prides itself on the character of its population. Fully seventy-two percent of the city’s residents who are beyond college age have at least a college degree or higher. Ninety-seven percent of its high school graduates go on to college. The community therefore is numbered as being among the best-educated ones in America.

Located north of Dallas, it plays host to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. It is also home to the Southern Methodist University, from which the whole community grew from. University Park is well-named. Not only is it a center of education, it’s also admired for its parks and churches, as well as homes that are well-made and beautiful.

There is a wide range of business opportunities here, as well as places for recreational or leisure activities, shopping and cultural offerings. You can reserve a park for a night if, for instance, you need a venue for a one-night concert.

The local government has a personalized approach to service, and with a hometown policing approach, the entire city helps in keeping the crime rates the lowest in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This, in turn, has helped the city become the 2nd wealthiest in America in terms of family income.

Law is served here with a unique intellectual approach. As mentioned, there is not much crime in University Park, and the need for law is mostly related to family law, business or commercial specialties, taxation, and estate management. The city keeps good and very accessible records of trials and legal cases.

Residents here are well-served by LegalMatch, which offers an online Law Library for those who want to understand the workings of the law. LegalMatch’s core business is a client-to-legal expert matching service that starts with the clients posting their case at

The city is very protective of citizens’ rights. This is illustrated in the famous December 2011 lawsuit filed against the city board by Legacy Hillcrest Investments, owner of the Chase Building in Snyder Plaza. The board voted to block Legacy’s efforts to redevelop the property after residents appealed for the board’s help. Legacy had by then filed three rezoning requests, all of which were denied. It had been trying to redevelop its property for a decade.

Lower-income residents of the city have their legal needs served by legal organizations and individual attorneys or firms here. Southern Methodist University School of Law prominently provides a low-income taxpayer clinic.

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