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Learn More About Waxahachie, TX

Waxahachie is an important transport and commercial hub in the northern part of Texas, part of the Dallas-Forth Worth area. Its name, most experts agree, means “cow” or “buffalo” in the old Alabama Native American language.

The name reflects a heritage of ranching and agriculture for this city, which has around thirty-six thousand inhabitants. Cotton is another major commodity for the city’s economy, and in fact fueled its growth starting late in the nineteenth century. In the early twentieth century, Ellis County, of which Waxahachie is a part, became America’s largest county which produced cotton.

The city is a bustling industrial center today and hosts the headquarters of big regional companies. With a median family income of fifty-thousand, the local economy is one of the most progressive in northwest Texas. In recent years, this city has also developed into a filming location for the American movie industry. A couple of movies filmed here won Oscars for their lead actors.

If you are facing legal problems in Waxahachie, there are lots of resources you can access. You can use an open request for information on Waxahachie’s official website for legal information or aid. This is connected to the state law library. You can go to the Nicholas P. Sims Library, which contains historical records, while the city secretary’s office is a rich source of legal information.

Waxahachie courthouse is called the Richardsonian Romanesque, a prime tourist attraction. It has its own records for those interested in law and legal proceedings. For more legal information resources, you can also peruse LegalMatch’s Online Law Library, which has thousands of legal articles which help you understand legal matters better.

There are several pro bono legal options for those who need it in this city. One of the more effective is the Legal Aid of Northwest Texas-Waxahachie Office, which offers free legal clinics as well as a law help hotline for those who urgently need the services of an attorney.

The city is famous as the site for Desertron or Superconducting Super Collider, designed to be the world’s most powerful when finished. Poorly defended legislation for budget, a non-profit lobby group, geopolitics, and several other concerns helped shut the project down, with $2.2 billion spent out of a projected $4 billion total cost.

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