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Learn More About Coppell, TX

The city of Coppell is largely considered to be a suburb and bedroom community for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. The area that is now Coppell was first settled in the 1840s by German and French immigrants. The town was originally named Gibbs Station, but was renamed to Coppell to honor the engineer George Coppell who brought the railroad to the area.

When you need the help of a legal professional in Coppell, there are many reputable Coppell lawyers that you can choose from. These legal professionals area skilled in a number of areas of law including automobile accidents, traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, criminal defense and more.

The Coppell based company, Mannatech, was recently ordered by a court to pay millions of dollars in restitution to those who had purchased its dietary supplement pills. The lawsuit that spurred this order claimed that the Coppell company had falsely advertised their sugar pills as being able to cure cancer, Down syndrome, asthma and many other diseases, when in fact the pill did little or nothing. The company was ordered to pay $4 million while the owner of the company was fined $1 million for making false claims.

When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Coppell, you will likely have to report to one of the Dallas County District Courts. Preparing your case for trial can be tricky and time consuming, but a local attorney can speed this process up for you.

There are many ways to find a great Coppell lawyer to represent you, but perhaps the best is LegalMatch. We offer you a unique online service that pairs your case with lawyers in your area that have the skills to effectively litigate your case. Best of all, the service is entirely free for you to use and always confidential.

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