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Learn More About Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is located in northern Texas and is the state’s fifth-largest city, comprising about 700,000 inhabitants.  It is located in the expansive Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  Fort Worth was named after a general who had led the Americans to victory during the Mexican War.  General Worth also established a series of forts to mark the frontier’s western boundary.  Fort Worth began as a true “Wild West” town, full of cattle drivers and gunslingers such as the “Sundance Kid.”

These days, Fort Worth is modern, sophisticated, and growing rapidly; replete with an opera, symphony orchestra, and theater.  However, Fort Worth retains its frontier charm in the Stockyards Historic District.  Fort Worth is home to more than 3,000 lawyers.

With the large number of Fort Worth lawyers to select from, it is difficult for a person newly confronted with a legal problem to know how to go about selecting the right lawyer for his or her problem. solves the networking problem by matching people to the perfect Fort Worth lawyer for their case, completely free of charge.  Explain your problem to, and they will match you with a pre-screened and outstanding Fort Worth lawyer.

Worth lawyers practice in various legal areas, including criminal defense law, divorce law, personal injury plaintiff litigation, bankruptcy filing law, real estate transactions law, and more.  Recently, lawyers helped a man who had been sexually molested as a minor by a Fort Worth priest.  The Fort Worth Roman Catholic Diocese settled the case for $1.4 million.  The diocese took responsibility for hiring the priest, while knowing of former inappropriate behavior with boys and admitted sexual attraction to adolescents.  The bishop in charge of hiring was gracious and apologetic, admitting his error in judgment.

Fort Worth lawyers know extensively the inner-workings of the Tarrant County Court System.  Competent Fort Worth lawyers must learn the local rules and policies of the different departments: civil, criminal, magistrate, and probate.

You may not be ready to confer with a Fort Worth lawyer at this time.  If your case is in its infancy, you can look through the information in LegalMatch’s extensive Law Library, housing over 3000 articles.

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