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Learn More About Kendall County, TX

Named for George Wilkins Kendall, a former journalist and Mexican-American War correspondent, Kendall County is located in the southern central part of Texas. Early residents were the Lipan Apache, Kiowa, and Comanche Indian tribes, followed by German settlers in the 1840’s. Today Kendall County is home to approximately 24,000 people and remains primarily an agricultural and ranching area in Texas Hill Country. Kendall Country has retained much of its German heritage, holding the annual Volkssportverein’s Easter Walk, Berges Fest, and Founders Day. Other area attractions include the Guadalupe River State Park and the Agricultural Heritage Museum.

Multiple top-notch Kendall County lawyers reside in this quiet community. Lawyers in Kendall County can assist you with legal matters involving business, family, medical malpractice, real estate, or any other issue that you may face.

Attorneys in Kendall County recently argued both sides of a civil lawsuit which claimed that a local apartment developer placed barriers, ditches, piles of dirt and debris, and earthen pads within area of an easement granted to property owners in 1975. This placement prevented the property owners from using the easement as promised. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The judicial system of Texas consists of limited jurisdiction courts (including Justice courts, Municipal courts, and County-level courts), district courts, Courts of Appeal, a Court of Criminal Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Kendall County may argue cases in the Kendall County Court at Law, 4th Court of Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, or the Texas Supreme Court. A local Kendall County lawyer can help you understand which court will hear your case and any special rules of that court. can help you locate a great Kendall County lawyer. You can find helpful tips on choosing the right lawyer and general information about popular legal issues on our website. LegalMatch’s free service also pre-screens qualified, experienced Kendall County attorneys with a proven record of success for their legal specialty. Let LegalMatch ease the burden of finding the right attorney today.

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