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Learn More About Forney, TX

With nicknames like “City Without Limits” and “Antique Capital of Texas”, Forney, TX is a typical small city of about 15,000 run by a local all-purpose government. While many think that urbanization is the demographic trend of the country, Forney and similar places say otherwise. These smaller cities say that America is still a country of small towns.

Forney is not without its legal problems. The municipal court of record, which typically hears cases related to penalty fines, is a busy place. It hears a class of violations covered by city ordinances, class C misdemeanors or petty crimes and civil cases. Within Forney’s territory, the court shares jurisdiction with country and district courts.

There are a significant number of sports professionals who hail from this conservative town, mostly playing with major league baseball organizations. A notable citizen who makes her home here, the actress, writer and director Stormy Daniels, filed a case against President Donald Trump in 2018. She is known in Forney for being quiet and upstanding, and is involved with the local horse breeding community.

Where legalities are concerned, Forney is equipped to accept cases on behalf of its citizens and local government. They have a city attorney working for them, an expert who addresses the many dimensions of law related to running the city with stability and integrity.

Sources of legal information in this city include the municipal court, the Ellen Brooks West Memorial Library, and the city attorney office. The communication department provides IT services and other online resources. Online, Forney residents can handily access websites like, an attorney-client matching service with a diverse, extensive Online Law Library of legal articles.

LegalMatch matches you to a qualified attorney for any case you might be involved in, so that you have a specific expert by your side. LegalMatch has good attorneys offering a complete range of legal services, from estate management to probate, business to family law, and from animal rights to DUIs.

The city also encourages self-help where the law is concerned. For persons who need but do not have lawyers, groups like Texas Court Help, Texas Law Help (TLH) and the Texas State Law Library can provide chat support and online resources, free legal services (TLH), court preparation and legal clinics.

Other helpful organizations include Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans and Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, which serves the Dallas-Forth Worth region, of which Forney is a suburb.

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