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Learn More About Pharr, TX

Pharr, Texas is located in the Rio Grande Valley of Southern Texas and is a short ten minutes from the Mexican border. A recent period of economic expansion in Pharr has made it one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Pharr has a population of about 47,000 residents. In 2006, Pharr was named an “All-American City” by the National Civic League. The award signifies that Pharr is a community that includes its citizens, businesses, local government, and non-profit organizations to resolve outstanding issues in society.

Pharr lawyers are experienced to handle any employment, personal injury, immigration, or family law matter you may be facing.

Lawyers in Pharr practice law in Hidalgo County and will generally have their cases heard in either Hidalgo County Court or Hidalgo District Court. Hidalgo County Court will hear any civil cases provided that it involves damages that are considered to be moderately sized. In addition, it also hears family law cases and misdemeanor criminal cases. Hidalgo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all felony cases, and real estate matters involving title to land. Also, Hidalgo District Court hears cases involving criminal, civil, family, and tax.

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