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Learn More About St. Cloud

The city of St. Cloud is located in Osceola County in the state of Florida. It was incorporated in 1915 and has a population of around 29,000. The town had its beginnings as a soldier’s colony. It was a popular place for Civil War veterans due to its ideal climate and soil production.
Today St. Cloud retains an old town feel in contrast to the nearby metropolitan cities, many of which are sites for theme parks. The city maintains the St. Cloud Heritage Museum, which is located in the Veterans Memorial Library. Much of the city’s architecture preserves a Spanish Revival style, and the town has been noted for its unique landscape. One of the main features of St. Cloud is East Lake Tohopekaliga, which is an exceptionally clear “dish pan” lake. It provides local residents with ample opportunities for bass fishing and lake recreational activities.
Recently in January 2010, a law regulating the use of public boat ramps has caused quite a stir in Osceola County. The new law prohibits the use of public boat ramps and county facilities for commercial purposes. Many St. Cloud residents and business owners are upset at the new law, claiming it is too restrictive and will put them out of business. The ordinance restricts the number of passengers on commercial boats to four or less, and limits the number of trips made by commercial boats. The law also prohibits ramp users from exceeding 15 minutes for loading and unloading time. The law was implemented because several business owners were using the county’s ramp addresses in their ads, creating potential liability for the county in case of an injury or accident. In light of the concerned community, amendments to the law have been considered.
Legal issues involving business zoning are important and require the services of a lawyer. If you feel that you are involved in a zoning dispute, or any other type of legal claim, can help put you in touch with a lawyer in the St. Cloud area. LegalMatch is an online company that matches attorneys with clients for free.
If you are located in St. Cloud, legal cases can be filed at the Osceola County Court. The county court has jurisdiction over a wide variety of criminal and civil cases, as well as traffic violations and juvenile matters.
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