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Learn More About Galveston, TX

Galveston, TX is known for many firsts: Texas’s first post office, first naval base, first Texas chapter of a Masonic order, first cotton compress, first insurance company, first gas lights, first Jewish Reform Congregation, first opera house, first orphanage, first telephone, first electric lights and the first medical college.

Unfortunately, despite all of Galveston’s firsts, it is also infamous for the Galveston Hurricane of 1990 which was even more deadly than Hurricane Katrina.  Over the past century, Galveston has grown and worked to regain some of its former glory. Today, Galveston is a popular tourist destination.

Lawyers in Galveston can be found in many legal fields. One may find an attorney for cases involving personal injury, criminal law, family law, property law, business law and many other fields. Every case requires an attorney specialized in one or more fields so it is important to find an appropriate attorney/field match for the case.

A tragedy occurred in the home of some Galveston residents on June 22, 2009. A 16 year old Galveston girl was playing with her mother’s gun when she accidentally shot her 12 year old sister. The sister died at the hospital and the mother and sister are now facing criminal charges. The 16 year old has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The mother, though she was not present at the time of the shooting, may face criminal negligence charges for not taking adequate steps to keep her firearm from her child.

Criminal cases, such as this one, will be filed in the Galveston County Court. Some cases might be brought in the 212th Judicial District Court. An attorney familiar with Galveston will be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the courts in that area. Courts can differ significantly amongst each other and so it is important to have an attorney who knows his way around the court most appropriate for your case.

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