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Learn More About Jefferson County, TX

Jefferson County is one of the more Democratic leaning counties in the state of Texas and it has not given a Republican presidential candidate support since 1972. Jefferson County is home to Lamar University, a full service university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and is part of the Texas State University System. This school enrolls over 13,000 students.
When you need legal advice in Jefferson County, there are a number of highly qualified Jefferson County lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys are versed in a wide variety of legal areas such as personal injury, toxic torts, employment, business, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, and more.
Recently, Jefferson County has been a hotspot for asbestos litigation. A longtime resident of Jefferson County recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of her husband claiming that he has developed pulmonary asbestosis after being wrongfully exposed to the substance over a period of forty years while working on industrial sites. In her lawsuit, she names twenty-one defendants, most companies who manufactured or distributed the substance. In another lawsuit filed in Jefferson County, a husband and wife have sued sixty-seven defendants claiming that they negligently exposed the plaintiff wife to asbestos during her employment and as a result she has suffered mental and physical pain as well as a lost earning potential.
If you have been injured or otherwise need to file a lawsuit in Jefferson County, you will most likely have to report to one of the Jefferson County District Courts. A local attorney can help you prepare your case for trial and can even represent you in court if you wish.
If you have been struggling to find a great Jefferson County lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit, is here to help. We provide you with a free online tool that you can use to quickly and effectively get matched up with attorneys in your area who are ready to take your case. You can also check out our LegalCenter where you will find helpful hints and many articles about popular legal topics.
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