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Learn More About Cameron County, TX

Cameron County is the southern most county in Texas and covers 1,276 square miles. Cameron County has a population of about 340,000 residents who enjoy the great school system and national protected areas like the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.
A number of experienced lawyers also hang their hats in Cameron County. Lawyers in Cameron County advise on a wide variety of cases; some normal cases include: bankruptcy, personal injury, medical malpractice, and estate administration.
A Cameron County judge recently approved the investigation of Smithfield Foods, a company that raises pigs in Mexico. The $1 Billion wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the Cameron County court and alleges that Smithfield foods was responsible for Judy Trunnell’s contraction of and death from Swine Flu. Cameron County is seen to many as the front lines on the war on Swine Flue because it is the southern most county reaching to the border of Mexico.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Cameron County, you will probably be visiting the Cameron County Court or 103rd Judicial District Court and file with the Civil Division. There are six trial level courts with which you can file in Texas; however, each court has jurisdictional and divisional restrictions. It’s best to hire a Cameron County lawyer who is familiar with local court procedures.
LegalMatch remains the superior method of finding a bar certified lawyer in Cameron County and researching courts and case related issues in Texas. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers great starting points which cover almost every law topic from family to business law. Also, check out our tips on selecting a lawyer and free online law library.
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